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Sayani Mukherjee

Sayani Mukherjee

I was born and brought up in Santiniketan, India, and spent my school and college days there studying at Visva- Bharati University.

I was awarded educational degrees in science, though drawing and other conventional forms of illustrations have always been my passion. The environment of Santiniketan influenced me to gain a passion for art and culture alongside conventional studies. I completed my doctoral degree in Microbiology in 2016. It was at this stage of my career when I changed my focus to fulfil my dream of becoming an artist. The very first exposure to digital art form boosted me to start exploring this amazing world of creations. 

I found it an intensive, yet exciting process of exploring and learning various illustrative software and formats and I started my journey as a professional digital illustrator on 2020. I am especially interested in exploring character designing for children.

I am passionate about all things about children's illustration. I love making whimsical pieces that bring comfort and coziness while also thinking about a bit of storytelling. Using nature as inspiration is my absolute favourite thing and that shows up quite often in my artwork. I have a real passion for character design and storytelling. 

I have illustrated Sarah Surgey’s THE SLOW SUPERHERO and currently illustrating Anita Nair's THE CAT AND THE CAMEL and Becky Halton's "T-ROCKOSAURUS - THE ROCKIN' T-REX'.

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