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Foreign Rights

Foreign Rights


We are Van Driel Publishing, a Belgian independent publisher with a strong mission to produce books for children and adults alike that will make them read, grow and flourish. 

If you are interested in foreign rights for our titles please contact: Anne Paris

Email: droits@revesdejeunesse.fr

Sarah Surgey My House My Home

Een meisje met bruin haar en een rood jurkje maakt een koprol

Lara lets out a deep sigh as she looks around her house: it is old and so boring! But, then Grandma takes her on a tour of their house.

Whose marks are on the height chart?

And who scratched their name into the wooden floor?

Join Lara as she discovers, what makes a house a home.

This book was written for the dutch children's book week 2023.

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Leontine Gaasenbeek Zookeeper for a day

Zookeeper for a day - oppasser voor een dag

A wonderfully illustrated story about a girl who doesn't know yet what she wants to be when she's grown up.

The funny details in the vivid coloured illustrations will make children plunge into this peculiar story about a quirky girl with a surprising end.

Our bestseller with over 9000 books sold.

Sarah Brusell Een beetje bang

Christelijke kinderboeken

Nominated for the LIBRIS prize:

Most beautiful book cover 2022

A bit scared - een beetje bang

This book, without a title at the front, has already proved to endear the Belgian public. The book is a bit scared and engages children to soothe it while reading. An engaging and original work that will no doubt conquer the hearts of readers of all ages.

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Kerst samen met jou

Do you also love Christmas so much? From the warmth and cosiness of all the decorated houses and above all time with your loved one(s) around you? We also!

Leontine Gaasenbeek wrote and illustrated a beautiful picture book about this, Christmas together with you. An ode to Christmas and love.

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Prepare children for a visit to the hospital

Does your child have to go to the hospital? And does he or she also have 1001 questions about what will happen? With this book you prepare your child completely for an operation, so that he or she can experience this exciting event with peace of mind.

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I don't want you to die

‘You can be my Grandpa for a hundred years more,’ smiles Merlin.

But Grandpa does not smile and his eyes avoid Merlin’s.

Something has been present in this room for a while.

It whispers through the house.

It keeps turning around inside Merlin.

Grandpa is far too ill to live much longer.

I don’t want you to die is a story full of courage. Grandpa speaks with his little grandson during his final days. The great sadness is acknowledged, but the story above all speaks of hope. This story book holds keys for parents and carers to help children understand and come to terms with grieving for a loved one.

Naar het ziekenhuis kinderboek