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Intersaga - Anna

InterSaga Literary Agency

I had a plan to start a literary agency back at university, where I read Cultural & Literary Studies followed by a Masters in Publishing Studies at Lunds university in Sweden. My internships at Isaberg Forlag and Kabusa Bocker, where I worked closely with their literary agent, made me want to do it myself. I moved to London where I worked at Waterstones for 10 years, running several bookshops (Ilford, Ealing and Chiswick). The day to day selling of books and helping authors by organising events and book festivals gave me the experience I needed to branch out by myself.  As Chiswick was the most recent area I worked in, it felt like the best place to begin; however, there’s more to it than that. Chiswick is a unique community, with a real cultural pulse to it. InterSaga Literary Agency started as a local business in the heart of Chiswick, in South West London, where the literary field blossoms.

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